Head Injuries

The term “head injury” is used to describe everything from a scalp cut or scrape to a brain injury.  Doctors will use different terms to indicate the severity of the injury, such as brain injury but initially the term head injury is a general term that quickly classifies the main location and nature of the injury.  Head injuries need to be evaluated as soon as possible, the earlier that anything requiring special treatment or monitoring, such as a concussion, is diagnosed and treated, the better the recovery results.

Head injuries can arise from different types of incidents such as car accidents, trip and fall accidents or sport activities.  A head injury can be generally uncomfortable, causing headaches and pain, but might also affect the brain, with “bruising” or a concussion.

A concussion is caused by any accident or injury that essentially “shakes” the brain.  Many concussions do not cause long lasting problems but the key is, as with most traumas, early detection and treatment.  If you or someone you know experiences some sort of head injury and you are concerned about a possible concussion the following are signs to look for;

  1. Headache
  2. Nausea
  3. Dizziness
  4. Sleep disruptions and / or extra sleepy
  5. Difficulty concentrating and /or remembering

If you notice any of the above signs see a doctor as soon as possible for a complete diagnosis.  The main treatment for a concussion is allowing the brain to heal, by resting and not overdoing things, either mentally or physically.

ActiveCare Physio clinics have a specialized department dealing with concussion injuries.  Our specially trained staff is experienced in all aspects of concussions, from baseline testing for high risk groups such as athletes, to evaluating and treating concussions.

Baseline testing is very helpful in determining the severity of a concussion and helps guide the treatment process.  The more effective the treatment, the less risk there is of any long lasting effects of the concussion.

For more information call us at 613-702-0382 or check out all the information about the ActiveCare Concussion Network.

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