Abnormal MRI Findings


Did you recently have an MRI? Did the results come as a shock to you? You’re not alone. In fact, the majority of “abnormalities” found on an MRI are completely normal findings.

Many X-rays and MRIs reveal degenerative disc disease in the low back, but what does this mean? According to one study, out of 1000 individuals 40% under the age of 30 had degenerative findings.

Degenerative changes are even more common among those between the ages of 50-55, reaching up to 90%1. Do you think all these people reported they have significant back pain? No. In fact, another study revealed that 48% of young adults have degenerated discs and don’t even know it2. Why? Because it’s normal. I tell my patients not to worry about the findings on MRI but to focus on their symptoms instead. Likewise, I have many clients who have low back pain but nothing is revealed on the MRI. At our clinics we focus on pain management and providing a personal treatment plan to help our clients return to activities that they enjoy.

At ActiveCARE physio we focus on your symptoms and not just on your MRI. We care about your whole body, not your area of injury only. Our clients are important members of our team and we can only succeed if we work together. With education, guidance, and reassurance we hope to support our clients lead a healthier and more balanced life.

If you would like to read or know more about other “abnormal” MRI findings in other parts of the body, please drop by our Barrhaven location to view the poster “Concerned About Your X-ray or MRI Findings? Medical Imaging: The Untold Truth” created by APTEI.

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