sports injuries ottawa
Sports injuries are common, no matter what your age. Regular exercise is good habit for every one of us; it burns calories, exercises our heart and keeps our joints supple.
However no matter how careful and fit we are, sports injuries can happen. An uneven surface during a jog, a bad twist or a result of a hard hit on the field can all result in a sports injury.
Sports injuries are not the end of your active lifestyle. With proper treatment your sports injury will heal, and with proper prevention, can be protected from future damage.
All our weight is on our feet, ankles and knees. Sports increases the stress put onto our feet, ankles and joints. Sports injuries can vary from plantar fasciitis and shin splints to stress fractures. The important thing is to have the injury treated as soon as possible, and to take whatever preventative measures needed to avoid a repeat of the injury.
When buying athletic shoes usually it’s the look that we go for, so we may not be wearing the correct shoe for the sports activity we are engaging in, and many of us need custom foot orthotics to correct a gait issue. Most people do not realize how often our athletic shoes should be replaced, and also that different activities may require a different shoe. Make sure you are wearing the correct shoes, and using your custom foot orthotics, that will go a long way to helping you prevent many sports injuries.
ActiveCare Physio specializes in treating and preventing sports injuries, learn more about our sport medicine specialists.  Remember that prevention is over half the battle, so make an appointment to see your ActiveCare specialist today. Get assessed, heal any current pains and prevent future issues!.

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