knee pain ottawaMost of us experience knee pain at some point in our lives. Sometimes that knee pain is the direct result of an injury, other times it can be the result of osteoarthritis, the stress of weight gain or even the result of a seemingly unrelated injury that is putting stress on the knee.

First you need to find the reason for your knee pain, only then can you get the proper treatment and begin healing. Have you twisted, fallen or injured your knee? Is your knee pain accompanied by swelling and/or bruising? If so, seeing a doctor and getting x-rays or an MRI to determine the severity of the injury should be your first step.
If there is no obvious injury or twist but you continue to have knee pain you should see a gait specialist, such as a Physiotherapist. A Physiotherapist can determine if the knee pain is the result of the way you walk, or even badly fitting footwear. Advice on the best footwear for your lifestyle, orthotics to correct your gait or even knee bracing for support will help relieve the knee pain.
Today’s busy lifestyle makes it very difficult to take extensive time to rest a knee that has been damaged by injury or disease, however a knee brace can be worn to support the knee, taking the stress off it, allowing it to heal quicker. If you feel your knee pain would heal better with the support of a knee brace, take a look at the line of knee braces we carry.
Physiotherapy is a speciality that uses various techniques and exercises to restore mobility and promote healing of knee pain, joint pain and injuries.The specialists at ActiveCare Physio will help heal your knee pain, and also work with you to prevent future re-injury of the problematic area.

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