Welcome to the FAQ page

Q:Protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic

A:Our team's top priority is your safety as well as our staffs,
1. Screening questions at the time of your appointment
2. Hand sanitizer available
3. Mandatory face masks for staff and patients at all times
4. Equipment be disinfected with Covid-19 approved cleaners after each appointment.
5. Please only arrive at the clinic at your appointment time. If you arrive early, we ask that you wait outside of the clinic or in your car to minimize the number of people in the clinic at one time.

Q:Are your services covered by OHIP?

A:Physiotherapy is not covered by OHIP in our clinics. However, all visits with medical specialists in our offices are covered by OHIP.

Q:Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A:You do not need a referral from your doctor prior to attending physiotherapy. However, some insurance companies do require a referral from your doctor in order for you to be reimbursed for expenses.

Q:Does private insurance cover physiotherapy?

A:Many extended health care policies do provide physiotherapy coverage. It is your responsibility as the patient to check with your insurance provider to confirm the details of your plan. Here are some helpful questions to ask your insurance company: is a doctor’s referral required for reimbursement of fees? Is there is a maximum amount of coverage? Does your coverage provide 100% coverage per session of therapy? If you need any help with this please contact one of our helpful administrators.

Q:Can you bill directly to my private insurance company?

A:Some insurance companies allow us to direct bill for physiotherapy services; you only need to pay the difference in coverage, if any. At this time the following companies can be billed for physiotherapy services:

- Blue Cross (Blue Cross, CAF, IHFP, RCMP, VAC)
- Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
- Claim Sercure
- Cowan
- Desjardins
- Great West Life
- Industrial Alliance
- Johnson Inc.
- Johnson Group
- Manulife Financial (only if you are registered for direct deposit)
- Maximum Benefit
- SSQ Insurance
- Standard Life
- SunLife (except Federal Government plan # 55555)

Q:Do you accept Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims?

A:We are also able to bill your motor vehicle insurer on your behalf, as long as your claim is approved. Ontario Legislation states extended healthcare coverage (if any) has to billed first then your Motor Vehicle insurance will be billed.

Q:Do you accept Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) claims?

A:We are registered with the WSIB and we are able to bill to WSIB on your behalf. As long as your claim is approved, you will not have any out-of-pocket expenses.

Q:How long will I have to wait to see a physiotherapist at ActiveCare Physio?

A:Typically we are able to book you in for an assessment the same day. However, if there are specific times of day or a particular therapist that you wish to see, this time may vary.

Q:I was referred to another physiotherapy clinic by my doctor. Can I come to your clinic instead?

A:You may choose to access physiotherapy at any clinic; it’s completely up to you. You should ensure that the person delivering your care is a physiotherapist registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. (This applies to referrals for massage therapy as well.)

Q:My insurance company (WSIB or Motor Vehicle Insurance) suggested another physiotherapy clinic but I would rather come to your clinic. Who decides?

A:The choice is always yours. Some insurance companies have preferred provider agreements with certain clinics . Legally, it is your right to choose the person and clinic who provides physiotherapy and massage therapy. This cannot affect the outcome of your claim.

Q:Will you contact my doctor to discuss your findings?

A:Your physiotherapist will discuss their clinical findings with your doctor and/or other members of your health care team only once we have your written consent.

Q:What can I expect from my first physiotherapy treatment?

A:Your initial assessment will be one-on-one with one of our registered physiotherapists. Assessments usually last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the type of injury. Your physiotherapist will take a thorough history and review your current conditions(s). Any relevant tests will then be performed to determine goals specific to your individual needs. Your first treatment is also included with the cost of your initial assessment.

Q:What does a physiotherapy treatment involve?

A:A typical physiotherapy treatment program ranges from days to weeks in length, or could be longer (often with less frequent visits), depending on the severity of the issue and the nature of treatment program. Your physiotherapist will determine how often you should be seen for treatment, and will not have you come in for physiotherapy any longer than is necessary for your recovery. Treatment techniques which may be used include:

- manual therapy
- ultrasound and other electrical modalities
- biofeedback
- exercise demonstration
- strengthening and stretching exercise
- acupuncture
- return to work/sport activity/activity productivity
- balance and coordination re-training
- spinal decompression therapy
- education

Q:How does acupuncture fit in?

A:Studies support a growing role for the use of acupuncture in Western medical practices, with next to no side-effects from its use. Certified physiotherapists often incorporate acupuncture into their treatment sessions, with the following therapeutic goals:

- decrease pain
- decrease inflammation
- promote tissue healing and regeneration
- restore optimal nerve and muscle function

Acupuncture can be incorporated into your physiotherapy treatment sessions at no additional cost.

Q:If I just come in for acupuncture how is it billed?

A:This services is performed by physiotherapist and will billed out as a physiotherapy treatment appointment.

Q:When will I start to feel better?

A:There is no specific amount of time that it takes for you to start feeling better. Typically, your rate of healing is dependent on many factors such as age, type of injury, length of time since the injury, initial care, diet, and overall health. However, our treatment will help to stimulate your body’s own healing response to heal itself. Your physiotherapist may provide you with a better idea of a timeframe when you come in for your first appointment and discuss your treatment goals with you.

Q:Is Massage Therapy also available at ActiveCare Physio?

A:Massage therapy is currently available at our Montfort location and is provided by a Registered Massage Therapist. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and to inquire about our fee schedule.

Q:Do you have a Doctor on staff?

A:A team of medical specialists practice in our clinics. Your doctor may request a consultation with any of our specialists by faxing a referral the requested physician.