ankle pain ottawaAnkle pain is debilitating and can be caused by many different things; an injury, a gait issue, ill fitting shoes, bone spurs and more.
A Physiotherapist can determine the cause of your ankle pain by performing a comprehensive assessment of your ankle. A full gait analysis will be perfomed and if it is determined that the cause of your ankle pain is your gait, that can easily be corrected with orthotics. Orthotics are custom made for your particular gait, correcting whatever issue is causing your ankle pain.
Another cause of ankle pain can be an injury; to the bones, ligaments or tendons. Ankle sprains are fairly common, it is very easy to twist your ankle on an uneven surface or missing a step.
The Physiotherapist at ActiveCare Physio will use hands on treatments and the latest techniques to speed the healing of your injury, ending your ankle pain!
Achilles tendinitis is also a common cause of ankle pain, especially in runners who have recently increased their intensity or length of their runs. It is also a common issue for weekend sports enthusiasts, especially as we get older. Achilles tendinitis is commonly treated with at home care, stretches and massages under the supervision of your Physiotherapist.

Stress fractures are another common cause of ankle pain, especially in athletes that do repeated jumping, or running over long distances. Starting a new exercise program may cause a stress fracture if you do too much too soon.

Your Physiotherapist will help you heal, and will teach you how to prevent future injury.

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