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Important Need To Know Concussion Information

Our ActiveCARE Concussion Network (ACCN) is a comprehensive concussion management program that provides a full continuum of care for the head injured athlete. We provide annual baseline testing for those individuals who participate in higher risk activities such as hockey, football, rugby, martial arts, skiing and many other exciting sports.

The benefits of baseline testing include:

  • Assisting in the diagnosis of suspected concussion;
  • Providing individualized benchmark values to analyze concussion recovery;
  • Assisting in clarifying the dysfunctions associated with the concussion and appropriately guide the therapeutic interventions required;
  • Reducing the risk of athletes under reporting symptoms by having objective measures to achieve before return to play.

Our baseline testing includes assessment of multiple systems including:

  • Cognition (concentration, memory)
  • Balance
  • Ocular function (King-Devick test – results can be used to assist trainers/coaches with sideline return to game decision making)
  • Co-ordination
  • Cardiovascular

For the individual who has experienced a concussion or a suspected concussion, our network of experienced healthcare providers will provide support within 48 hours. In the acute injury phase our physiotherapists and sport medicine physician will guide you through your recovery and return to activity decision making. This critical decision making process becomes significantly easier if you have completed baseline testing. If the symptoms are persistent the physiotherapist and sport medicine physician will help you determine whether you need support from other healthcare providers such as psychologists or occupational therapists following the most recent CHEO recommendations.

To schedule baseline testing for you or your team, please request an appointment and indicate “Baseline Testing” in the comments section with the approximate number of athletes to be tested and we will contact you to arrange the time and location of the testing.

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